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Digital Film Tools releases 55mm 5.0

Digital Film Tools’ 55mm plug-in collection of 58 plug-ins that simulate popular glass camera filters, but applied in post production, not at the camera. The collection simulates specialized lenses, optical lab processes, lighting gels, film grain, day-for-night (illustrated), defocus, diffusion, tinting, reflectors, halos, grain and many more.

These filters do an excellent job of realistically simulating the result of an optical filter on the camera but with the control and flexibility of post production. Instead of committing to a look during photography you have the freedom to experiment in post.

One of the 15 new filters added to 55mm at version 5 is the Defog filter. Perfect for clearing up the visual equivalent of that "Sunday morning" feeling, Defog uses advanced deweathering algorithms to restore clear-day colors and contrast in scenes shot in fog or mist. It is also useful for removing the effects of actual Fog and Diffusion filters on the camera when the scene was shot.

55mm for Avid, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Combustion, Digital Fusion is US$395 (or under $7 each plug-in) form Digital Film Tools. Upgrade pricing is available for existing customers.


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