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Digigami ships MegaPEG.X Pro HD 3

In a move against the tide in the industry, Digigami have shipped an encoder for High Definition MPEG-1, which is, according to Digigami CTO, Gen Kiyooka "…the de-facto High Definition Desktop video delivery standard". MPEG-1 is considered the lowest common denominator vidoe standard, pretty much guaranteed to play anywhere, the ability to use it for High Definition work opens up new opportunities for standardized delivery.

Digigami explain that a HD version of MPEG-1 was ratified in the early 1990’s with frame sizes up to 4000 x 4000 pixels and frame rates of 60 fps. Digigami also asserts that the standard MPEG-1 decoding in Macintosh and Windows systems will support HD MPEG-1 decoding, although I would not want to bet the success of a project without testing on target systems.

MPEG-1 is not computationally intensive to decode, so even early G4 and Pentium 3 systems can play it back. Digigami have found that 1280 x 720 at 24 fps can be encoded at less than 5 Mbits/sec average, which is very competitive with H.264.

Digigami’s MegaPEG.X Pro HD 3 certainly pushes the standard for MPEG-1 encoding for standard definition and now High Definition.


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