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MXF Import Component for Final Cut Pro

The MXF Import Component for Final Cut Pro 5, from Flip4Mac, provides direct ingest of MXF content from Sony XD format devices – camcorder, PDW-1500 Deck and eVTR IMX MPEG VCR. The term "ingest" is used deliberately as XDCAM connects via ethernet for ingest – neither digitize nor capture! File transfer is performed over 10/100/1000 Bast T Ethernet connections.

Flip4Mac’s MXF Import Component supports both XDCAM DV and MPEG IMX variations on MXF. Both media formats are wrapped in the MXF wrapper. The MXF wrapper – Material eXchange Format – adds metadata information about the media along with the media. MXF metadata is a subset of AAF – Advanced Authoring Format – metadata focused on source media metadata needs.

MXF import is an important option for Final Cut Pro as the MXF format is being widely adopted in television production. Without support in Final Cut Pro, the editing software would be cut out of consideration for many episodic television shows.

The MXF import component produces a .mov file that can be used for editing in Final Cut Pro from the MXF source.

With the Flip4Mac MXF Import Component you can:

  • Select single or multiple files
  • Rename files
  • Browse Sony devices like a computer device.

The Import Component requires OS X 10.3.9 and QuickTime 7 or greater. The MXF Import Component has a list prices of US$495.


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