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QuickTime 7.0.1 available

QuickTime 7.0.1 includes several bug fixes, as you’d expect from a .0.1 release. For Final Cut Pro Studio users there are improvements related to compatibility there, which would make it a recommended update for Final Cut Pro Studio users. The update includes a Security "enhancement" of unspecified nature. Security enhancements are always recommended updates.

Updating to QuickTime 7 will overwrite the QuickTime Player and require a new Player "Pro" key to be purchased. Rename your QuickTime 6 Player, if you have a Pro key for the Player (so-called "QuickTime Pro") before updating and it will retain the Export and Editing features under QuickTime 7. However, the editing an export features are greatly enhanced in QuickTime 7 Player, making a new Pro key recommended. Final Cut Pro Studio automatically installs a QuickTime Player Pro key.


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