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Boris buys Final Effects Complete

Final Effects Complete includes the formerly-named Studio Effects, Next Effects and ICE FX and will continue to be offered with BorisFX providing maintenance, support and future development.

Final Effects was one of the first filter sets for Adobe After Effects and has has a chequered ownership history from the original Cycore developers, to finally end up at Media 100. However in the meantime, the original owners had rights revert to them and the 8-bit versions of the plug-ins are bundled with Adobe After Effects 6.5 (for After Effects only). Cycore have released updated, After Effects-only versions that work at 16 bit, but the Final Effects Complete set is needed to work in other hosts. However it has languished as non-core at Media 100/Optibase.

The really good news is that Boris plans to modify the copy protection to match the scheme used with Boris Continuum Complete instead of the much maligned licensing scheme used by Media 100.

Although the overall market for Final Effects Complete is smaller than it would be without the compeition in the After Effects arena from Cycore, it is good to see the plug-ins back with a company that cares about plug-ins and is capable of keeping the code up-to-date. This would be a particularly good development if the code can be updated to work reliably in Final Cut Pro and Motion. (Although FEC’s core particle generators are less needed in Motion than in Final Cut Pro.) There are also plug-ins from the ICE era that have not been reproduced or replaced.

Final Effects Complete is one of the more expensive plug-in sets at US$795 MSRP or $1295 in combination with Boris Continuum Complete. Existing registered Boris Contininuum Complete owners can purchase Final Effects Complete for US$299 until August 30th, 2005. Similarly existing Final Effects Complete users can purchase Boris Continuum Complete for US$595. Trial versions of all Boris solutions can be downloaded at


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