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CineLook 2 for After Effects and Final Cut Pro

DigiEffects have updated their once-popular film-look plug-in, CineLook to version 2. Version 2 is 11 times faster than version one and resolution independent, ready for High Definition. Render times are apparently faster still on a G5 with Nvidia graphics card (suggesting extensive use of Altivec and GPU power). This new version of CineLook includes the 3:2 pulldown (formerly separate as Cinemotion). Film Damage is also included as part of this release.

CineLook had an excellent reputation when it was the first relatively affordable Film Look process, even though it was slow. The speed boost in this new version is welcome. With 100 presets CineLook 2 is worth considering for film-look processing, however these days it is quite expensive at US$895 compared with (Final Cut Pro only) Graeme Nattress’ Film Effects at only US$100. Even the current "name brand", Magic Bullet Suite, is only US $795 for the same hosts as CineLook 2.

Upgrade pricing for existing CineLook owners is available. A Windows XP version for Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro is due in July. A demonstration version is available.


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