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Depth Cue updated to 1.1

With 1.1 release, Buena software have added two new plug-ins to their Depth Cue set of 3D effect plug-ins for realistic depth effects in Adobe After Effects. Each effect works on a 3D layer and changes based on the location of the layer, lights, and cameras in 3D space.

The two new effects are:

  • Camera Mapper to map 2D footage onto 3D layers to create 3D scenes from it;
  • Flipside maps one layer onto the back of another layer without causing any occlusion problems or creating a gap between the 2 layers.

The new plug-ins join 3D Composite, Depth, Falloff Lighting, Fog and Rack focus to complete Depth Cue. Depth Cue is US$169 from Buena Software for Mac OS X and Windows. It requires Adobe After Effects 6 or later. The update is free for registered users and a free demonstration version is available. A one-day serial number is available off the site.


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