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AKVIS Enhancer 2.1

AKVIS claims that Enhancer version 2.1 will reveal details from underexposed, overexposed and mid tone areas of a photo without manipulating exposure. According to the developers:

"The tool is useful in cases when a photo lacks detail. For example, when a picture has been taken with the background overexposed and consequently the foreground is hardly discernible, which is especially annoying when you take a picture of a person; or when a photo lacks dramatic effect due to vagueness of the scene."

The examples on their website seem to show good results with underexposed shots without destroying the highlights. AKVIS Enhancer brings out details by intensifying color transition. It means that Enhancer strengthens the difference between adjacent pixels having different color gradations and therefore allows revealing not only details in the shadow but even details in the overexposed and mid tone areas.

AKVIS Enhancer is a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and other applications that support the Photoshop plug-in API on Windows or Macintosh OS X. It has modest hardware requirements and costs US$69. A 10 day trial is available.

It could be applied to video by converting the video to sequential stills, batch processing them in Photoshop and returning them to the editing application.


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