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Anton/Bauer Mount for JVC GY-HD100

Because of a little-know collaboration between Anton/Bauer and JVC, the GY-HD100 has a built-in RealTime™ interface so the viewfinder can display remaining time from the battery. The programming detects the camera load and calculates run time remaining based on the existing conditions of camera and battery.

The QR-JVC 7/14 HDV connects the camcorder to the entire range of Anton/Bauer batteries to properly balance the camcorder and power it for extended periods of time. The mount also provides a PowerTap for powering camera-mounted fill lights, wireless receivers, video hard disk recorders or other accessory.

The Gold Mount QR-JVC 7/14 HDV is shipping now. There is no ordering or other product information at the Anton/Bauer website, other than what we have here, but when there is it will probably be on the Gold Mount Product page. Click the image for bigger pictures of the mount on the JVC camera.


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