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iDive updated to 1.4

Aquafadas’ iDive is a modern replacement for the "shoebox" containing all those reels of unedited Super 8 movies! iDive is a modern digital equivalent for organizing and cataloging QuickTime movies, whatever the format or source. iDive can import any QuickTime movie format or iMovie project.

Once inside iDive users can organize, annotate with keywords, view and retrieve footage captured with iMovie, QuickTime Player Pro 7 or through Final Cut Express or Final Cut Pro. iDive uses an intuitive interface to organize material into libraries so it can be easily retrieved when required. Version 1.4 sports a new source window that gives more details of movie data.

iDive is an alternate capture option for Final Cut Express or Final Cut Pro, capturing direct to a Library and cataloging tool instead of to a single project. iDive works alongside the editing application and can export:

  • pictures to iPhoto;
  • movies to iMovie and Final Cut Pro/Express; and
  • Clip lists to Final Cut Pro or Avid.

Other new features include:

  • new menus and sorting capabilities;
  • new compression/export presets for H.264 and DV;
  • more user control and flexibility when compressing clips;
  • new sort and review options, including a Trash, Last import and All Libraries view;
  • numerous productivity enhancements; and
  • redesigned icons.

iDive is just US$69.95 or €59.95 by download. The update to version 1.4 is free to existing owners. There is a trial version download available that is limited to 2 libraries and 5 tapes. The trial version can be converted to a full version with the purchase of a registration code.


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