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Adobe purchase of Macromedia nearing completion

With the approval of stock holders of both Adobe Systems and Macromedia the $3.4 billion deal looks set to be completed later this year. Approval was strong among the three quarters of shareholders who voted: 99% of Adobe shareholders supportive and 99.8% of Macromedia shareholders voting in favor.

The deal with strengthen Adobe’s position in the document and web publishing market putting Acrobat pdf and Flash under the one roof. Macromedia’s Dreamweaver is considered a stronger web publishing tool than Adobe’s Go Live, while the battle between Illustrator and Freehand is likely to be resolved in Illustrator’s favor unless Adobe decides to (once again) resell Freehand like it did after the Aldus takeover.

Macromedia shareholders will receive 1.38 shares of Adobe common stock for each share of Macromedia common stock owned at the close of the acquisition. The deal is still subject to regulator approval and other conditions. US Regulators requested further information about the acquisition last month, although it is expected that the acquisition will be approved.

MacJams – Five weeks of free Loops: Week 4

MacJams has teamed with Advanced Media Group to offer five weeks of free loops. One new collection of over 20 MB of Apple Loops will be offered each week. Week four is now available.

You don’t need to be registered as a member of the site, but if you are there’s more free stuff in their Media Center.

The loops are provided for non-commercial use only, so you can explore them, and post them back to MacJams as part of your submissions to the site, but that’s about all.

Skramsoft releases First Cut

Aimed at "Easy Clip Creation and Assembly" Skramsoft’s First Cut is a simplified DV editor for logging and creating selects. Skramsoft have focused on fast, accurate logging and clip creation and left out the trimming, transition, compositing and titling tools. Once their XML export is added, the selects will be able to be exported to Final Cut Pro or other system supporting XML import, but until then, First Cut is a stand-alone editor.

First Cut has a lot of powerful logging and trimming functions and an interface optimized for the purpose, but at US$149 it’s about half the price of Final Cut Express with all the extra features. First Cut is probably an excellent logging and trimming tool – we haven’t tested here – but, as Media 100 found, selling "less is more" is a very difficult proposition in the US market. In the US market, "more is more" seems to be what sells.

First Cut does have the advantage all light-weight software has: it runs on older, slower systems.

For those looking for a dedicated, specialist logging and trimming tool, optimized for the purpose, First Cut deserves a look. A downloadable demonstration version is available.

Maxon Cinema 4D: Pseudo Cell Division 3D: Simulating Mitosis in CINEMA 4D

Chapter: 3D Modelling and Animation

Topic: Simulating Nature

There have been several commercials and motion graphics that depict imagery breaking apart into separate objects.†† While this isn’t a real representation of true biology, there are tricks in MAXON ‘S CINEMA 4D that will help you to split shapes to create new graphics.† While I explored the process in 2D, this will be a 3D animation .


Adobe Flash: New Features in Flash 8 Professional: Part 3 – Video takes center stage

Chapter: Distribution

Topic: Interactive

Filters? Check. Blends? Check. Since the design crowd has gotten its due in parts one and two of this series, today we’re going to shift gears a bit and focus on the improved video features included in Flash 8 Professional. The new stuff should simultaneously appeal to right-brainers and left-brainers out there, making Flash Video pretty much a no-brainer. So whether you’re just looking for a simple way to post clips on the Web or wanting to create a super-immersive, video-heavy interactive application from scratch, Flash Video probably has something to offer you.


Adobe Flash: php, mySQL and Flash

Chapter: Distribution

Topic: Interactive

Creative COW Leader Lee Brimelow shows you how to integrate MySQL database content into your Flash movies. This data integration is accomplished by using PHP to transform the database content into XML before importing into Flash.


Adobe After Effects: The World is Ours: Using After Effects Expressions to Animate World Maps

Chapter: Motion Graphic Design

Topic: Animation Techniques

These days even the smallest garage shops claim to be doing business all over the world so it’s a quite common task to animate world maps and additional data related to their business. In this tutorial we will focus on a technique to represent a distribution or transport network. However, it can also be used to animate city maps or simply create other automated animation that applies the same paradigms.


Adobe After Effects: Pseudo Cell Division in After Effects: Simulating Mitosis in After Effects

Chapter: Visual and Creative Effects

Topic: Simulating Nature

There have been several commercials and motion graphics that depict imagery breaking apart into separate objects.†† While this isn’t a real representation of true biology, there are tricks in After Effects that will help you to split shapes to create new graphics.†


Sony Vegas: Sony Vegas 6 Pays Off

Chapter: Editing

Topic: Interface

Sony Media Software has released a new version of its video editing software, adding new features that make it easier and faster to use. Vegas 6 ($600, upgrade from Vegas 5, $200) is a refined editing software package, building on its powerful feature set with new ways to group, search, and find your video clips. It also adds new compatibility with additional audio plug-ins, and much more. We tested Vegas 6 and found that this already-excellent editing software product has been improved even more with this new release. Here?s our review.


Navicast reaches Version 3

Barsak’s professional web TV system, with improved movie publication and systems management tool has reached version 3. With a movie publishing system and management tools Navicast and Navicast eZender is a complete publishing tool for a streaming web TV channel.

Publishing is a simple drag-and-drop process because Navicast eZender automates the publishing process of movie compression, uploading and indexing. eZender version 3 has improved ratings, better stats reporting and review controls. Navicast streams to the custom Navicast Channel user client.

There is a free two week trial available, with hosted packages starting at US$170 a month.

Although nowhere near as mature as Navicast, the upcoming DTV/Broadcast Machine from Participatory Culture will be a challenge. Holmes Wilson on Participatory Culture will be interviewed on the Digital Production BuZZ Thursday 25th August.