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Skramsoft releases First Cut

Aimed at "Easy Clip Creation and Assembly" Skramsoft’s First Cut is a simplified DV editor for logging and creating selects. Skramsoft have focused on fast, accurate logging and clip creation and left out the trimming, transition, compositing and titling tools. Once their XML export is added, the selects will be able to be exported to Final Cut Pro or other system supporting XML import, but until then, First Cut is a stand-alone editor.

First Cut has a lot of powerful logging and trimming functions and an interface optimized for the purpose, but at US$149 it’s about half the price of Final Cut Express with all the extra features. First Cut is probably an excellent logging and trimming tool – we haven’t tested here – but, as Media 100 found, selling "less is more" is a very difficult proposition in the US market. In the US market, "more is more" seems to be what sells.

First Cut does have the advantage all light-weight software has: it runs on older, slower systems.

For those looking for a dedicated, specialist logging and trimming tool, optimized for the purpose, First Cut deserves a look. A downloadable demonstration version is available.


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