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Like similar products the CitiDISK HDV™ is a hard-drive based, lightweight portable recorder that connects to HDV/DV camcorder via FireWire and captures HDV/DV or DV50 footage to its hard drive. The CitiDISK HDV is comparable to the FireStore HD except CitiDISK also does DV50. Playback to the viewfinder is supported.

With a tape in the camcorder the CitiDISK HDV is controlled by the camcorder’s start/stop control, via FireWire; with no tape in the drive control is off the CitiDISK HDV’s record button. Each format is stored as MT2, AVI, DV or MOV formats on a preformatted FAT32 drive, although HDV is always recorded as its native MT2.

CitiDISK HDV automatically detects incoming MiniDV/DVCam/DVCPro (DV or DV25), DVCPro50 or HDV stream formats and 2-ch-16bit-48Khz/2-ch-16bit-44.1Khz/4-ch-12bit-32khz audio sampling rates, and provides record/playback in either format.

The CitiDISK HDV also supports pre-record, from an internal memory buffer which can be instantly recorded to the hard drive when the REC button is pressed to prevent loss of important scenes. Recording can be continuous because there is 90 minutes of record time from the internal Lithium Polymer battery that automatically kicks in when 3-hour external battery power runs low. The external battery can be changed without interrupting recording.

Pricing ranges from US$680 (40GB) to US$850 (100GB) with record times for DV/HDV from 3 to 7.75 hours. Mac and PC compatible.


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