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Final Draft AV 2.5 released

Final Draft AV 2.5, the self-contained word processor designed for dual column audio-visual script writing was released today. Primary new features are:

  • A new Rearrange Guide Line, that provides the ability to drag-and-drop any video text and have it line up with audio text, or vice versa, enabling easy scene reordering after writing.
  • Improved Importing and Exporting capabilities – import of RTF files with tables has been improved and a new dialog asks how three (or more) columns in an imported Word document should be treated. Teleprompter Export with dialog separated by carriage returns has been added.
  • Instant Elements, where you can create a new video description or dialog element with a mouse click.
  • Support for OS X 10.4 Tiger Spotlight for searching text in Final Draft AV documents.
  • Foreign Language Spell-Checker and Thesaurus available in British English, French, Spanish and German.

Final Draft AV 2.5 retails for US$199 with upgrades from earlier versions US$50 for registered users. Final Draft AV requires OS X 10.2.8 on Macintosh. Version 2.5 will open version 1 or 2 scripts.


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