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Updates from Silhouette FX

Silhouette Roto 2.1

Version 2.1 adds native support for QuickTime and video fields and can be purchased with a floating license for larger organizations. Other new features include Look Up Table (LUT) support for floating point images, improved tablet support and true round-tripping of Cineon files.

Version 2.1 allows rotoscoping at half frame intervals for field-level support.

Coincident with version 2.1’s release is a significant reduction in prices for the After Effects plug-in version compatible with Adobe After Effects and Apple’s Final Cut Pro from US$495 to US$295. Floating licenses add US$100 to the cost of the plug-in version or $200 to the US$595 stand-alone version of Silhouette Roto. Further price reductions are available when purchased with Silhouette Paint.

Silhouette Paint 1.0

Silhouette Paint is an add-on module to Silhouette Roto (stand alone application or plug-in version) providing high dynamic range raster paint features. Version 1.0 has just been released. Silhouette Paint is a raster paint system that uses a multi-layered approach, including match moving capabilities.

Silhouette Paint can non-destructively apply color, tint, erase, blemish, mosaic, and grain brushes to 8-bit, 16-bit, and floating point clips. To more exactly match a foreground element, clone brush paint sources can be transformed on-the-fly by rotation, corner pinning, and scaling in addition to being offset in time or XY space. Four independent clone sources are maintained simultaneously for added flexibility.

Silhouette Paint is tightly integrated with Silhouette Roto’s shape features such as motion tracking, variable edge softness and realistic motion blur. Brushes can be automatically applied to shape layers which are themselves automatically match moved. Blemishes, for example, can be automatically erased over time with minimal set-up by attaching the blemish brush to a rotoshape tracking the blemish itself.

Silhouette Paint requires either the stand-one or plug-in version of Silhouette Roto. For the stand-alone Silhouette Roto, Silhouette Pain adds US$495, or bundled together with Silhouette Roto for US$995 (save $95). The stand-alone versions run on Windows, OS X and Linux. As an addition to the plug-in version of Silhouette Roto for Adobe After Effects or Apple Final Cut Pro, Silhouette Paint costs US$245, or bundled with the plug-in version of Silhouette Roto for US$495 (save $45). Floating licenses add the same as for floating licenses of Silhouette Roto above.


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