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CinePorter CP-2

Specialize Communications Corporation announced their CinePorter CP-2, a hard-drive-based P2-compatible option for recording media from Panasonic P2 camcorders through a P2 card interface, instead of the FireWire interface to be used by Focus Enhancement’s FireStore FS-100. The CinePorter CP-2 connects to the camcorder via one of the P2 interfaces, leaving one P2 media slots free.

The CinePorter is small, has an independent power source and records all the MXF metadata associated with the files. Although connected via the FireWire interface the FS-100 FireStore is also expected to record all MXF metadata. Both companies have been working closely with Panasonic.

The CinePorter will be available in your choice of 100, 120, 200 or 240 GB shock-mounted hard drive. Shock mounted means the drive will not be removable. The 240 GB version will have enough recording time for 4 hours of 720 P HDV. It draws 7.2 volts at 1.25 amps and comes with a Spec-Comm 6Ah battery which is identical to the Panasonic DVX / HVX battery form factor.

The CinePorter CP-2 mounts to the base of an AG-HVX200 using standard mounts, between the camcorder and the tripod. The cable is long enough for the CP-2 to be used with Panasonic’s larger P2 camcorders such as the AJ-SPC700 and the AJ-SPX800.

The picture above is for a prototype and final specifications could change before shipping, expected to be around NAB 2006 – the same time the FireStore FS-100 is expected. No pricing has been released but it is likely to be competitive with the FireStore FS-100 with 100 GB of drive space for approximately US$2000.


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