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Gefen announces HD-Mate

Gefen will be previewing their HD-Mate* at MacWorld San Francisco next month. This three input, one output converter adapts multiple HDTV sources to DVI for an Apple Cinema Display.

The three inputs include one DVI input so that a computer can be one of the inputs for the device with the other two switchable sources from HD component analog. All three sources can be connected at the same time and selected with a push-button menu on the unit itself. An on-screen menu, activated from the menu buttons on the HD-Mate, allow for image adjustment to accommodate different sources and screen sizes.

The HD-Mate is a low cost alternative to AJA’s HDP Converter or Blackmagic Design’s more sophisticated HD-Link. Being focused at a consumer market, and the much lower price, most probably means that critical conversion would still be best served by the AJA or Blackmagic converters.

But for more routine monitoring – a producer station HD monitor for example – the US$299 of the HD-Mate is very appealing. Gefen also have a range of monitor switchers and distribution amplifiers – including the HD Splitter two-for-one HDMI distribution amplifier.

Gefen expect to ship the HD-Mate in January 2006.

* The HD-Mate is so new it’s not on the website at the time of writing. It will appear on the page linked.


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