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On2 announces Flix Studio

The On2 Flix Studio bundles Flix Pro, Flix Exporter and Flix Power Players into a single package.

On2 Flix Pro – a powerful Flash Video encoder that enables users to edit, crop, convert and post video to the web in minutes;

On2 Flix Exporter – On2 Flix Exporter offers professional quality FLV and SWF video output from multiple video applications that support the use of Quicktime plugins, including Discreet Media Cleaner, Canopus Pro   Coder, Quicktime Pro, Adobe After Effects, and Apple Final Cut.

On2 Flix Power Players – a collection of 135 new players designed to work with On2 Flix Pro’s automatic player output function. The players are divided into 20 unique designs, with multiple distinct variations of each one. There are also new logo players that can dynamically load a logo (in .swf format) that users can create into the player. Additionally, On2 includes players that feature drag-able progress bars, enabling viewers to drag the progress bar to advance video back and forth.

The On2 Flix Studio is available immediately and can be purchased online . Customers who purchase before December 31, 2005 will pay only US$339.00. After that the On2 Flix Studio will be available for US$379.00. Demonstrations of all three components are available separately. Flix Studio is available for Windows and OS X Macintosh.


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