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Boris Blue Public Beta opens

Boris Blue is based on the existing Boris RED product, with the primary difference being that Blue makes more extensive use of the graphics card for real time compositing and motion graphics in a true 3D environment throughout. Boris RED has limited 3D extrusion features while blue imports objects into a full 3D space.

Like Boris RED, Blue functions as a stand-alone application although, unlike RED, it cannot alternatively be used as a plug-in – Blue is only stand-alone. Blue integrates 2D and 3D compositing, 3D modeling and animation and all the titling, motion tracking, compositing, vector paint and other features present in Boris RED. With Boris Blue you can adjust parameters with interactive real-time playback, including real-time particle systems.

Blue lets you extrude text, custom splines or imported EPS files with custom bevels and surfaces. Its 3D Model Import preserves individual geometry groups, texture maps, and bump maps for standard model formats. Material options include Texture Maps, Bump Maps, and dynamic Reflection Maps with per pixel lighting controls. Vertex Deformers provide 3D warping of 3D objects.

The real time performance comes from heavy use of specific OpenGL graphics cards, which is why NVIDIA GeForce (6800 and 7800-based cards) and NVIDIA Quadro (4000 and 4500-based cards) cards are supported under Windows XP. Without one of these cards, Blue will simply not function so don’t waste time downloading the beta.

Boris Blue 1.0 will be demonstrated at NAB 2006 at the Las Vegas Convention Center from April 24-27. The public beta will time out on April 1.


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