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BWF2XML for BWF into Final Cut Pro upddated

BWF2XML allows Final Cut Pro to seamlessly import the complete metadata set as well as the original timecode stamp using Final Cut Pro’s XML format. Dependent on the system setup polyphonic BWFs and merging of discrete mono BWFs are handled.

The new version matches the timecode settings of all major audio HDRs and allows a smooth match between those HDR settings and the Final Cut Pro timecode options. A “Target Project” option to direct the import to a specific project has been added.

These new features extend BWF2XML’s currently unique feature set – including “Metadata Mapping” and “Non Destructive Premix” – for professional handling of BWF audio in a Final Cut Pro editing environment.

BWF2XML is available now for 85 EUR (around US$95) per license/computer with a one year suscription for updates and free tech support.


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