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Bandmates Free Member Loops for February

The member loops – membership is free – get February in the Mardi Gras mood with a new Southern-Blues jam kit. They started with Drum and Bass and kept groovin’ until they had a full blow sound with Guitars, Harmonica and all.

Plus this release comes in Acidized WAV, ReFill and REX2 formats as well as their traditional Apple Loops, so PC users won’t be left out.

G5 Brackets reduced for Presidents' Day ONLY

The G5 Bracket Team is offering $20 off the normal US$59 price of a G5 Drive Bracket. The G5 Drive Bracket lets you install up to five hard drives inside any PowerMac G5 (PCI-X or PCI Express).

The link to the offer is here.

Note: Installing five drives in your PowerMac is not officially supported by Apple, but works very well.

HDTV Component Video Extender

Gefen extended its growing base of analog and digital video extension solutions with the new Component Video Extender, that enables DVD players, satellite television set-top boxes or any video device equipped with RGB connectors to be extended up to 300 feet from the display over a single CAT-5 cable

HD video may be viewed at up to 1080p resolutions, using system hardware that includes tiny sender and receiver units. Both small black-painted units are small enough to be tucked away inconspicuously behind the scenes. Sender and receiver come equipped with VGA and CAT-5 ports; a six-foot high quality VGA to RGB cable is included for component connection.

Installation is plug and play, requiring a simple connection of the system to the video source and the extended display that anyone can easily implement. The Component Video Extender is available now for US$299.

Avid Media Composer: Bringing HDV media into Avid Nitris

Chapter: Editing

Topic: Capture, Digitize, Import

How to bring HDV media from an Avid system like Avid Xpress Pro HD or Avid Media Composer Adrenaline HD to an Avid DS or Symphony Nitris system


Avid Xpress Pro: Bringing HDV media into Avid Nitris

Chapter: Editing

Topic: Capture, Digitize, Import

How to bring HDV media from an Avid system like Avid Xpress Pro HD or Avid Media Composer Adrenaline HD to an Avid DS or Symphony Nitris system


Apple Logic Pro: That Classic Vocoder Sound: Using Logic Pro 7's EVOC 20 PS Vocoder to play a vocal through your keyboard

Chapter: Audio

Topic: Audio Effects

The Vocoder is a classic sound that still pops up on contemporary releases, especially electronica and HipHop material. But these days, instead of a suitcase-sized piece of hardware, the Vocoder is likely to be a software application such as the EVOC 20 PS that is included with Apple?s Logic Pro 7. The EVOC 20 PS actually combines a Vocoder with a polyphonic synthesizer, and it can be played in real time using an external controller keyboard. Here’s how it works.


Adobe Premiere Pro: Premiere Pro 2.0 Quick Tip: The Ken Burns Effect

Chapter: Motion Graphic Design

Topic: Scale and Position

Say the name Ken Burns and most people instantly recognize the documentary story telling style of zooming and panning still images. Scanners now have the capability of capturing high quality images without a camera. If you want to mimic the Ken Burns effect, then look no further than Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0.


Adobe After Effects: Blur Text per Character (After Effects 7)

Chapter: Titling

Topic: Glows, Blurs, Rays or Streaks

In this video tutorial, Creative Cow Leader Andrew Kramer shows you how to use the†”Per-Character Text Blur” effect, a new feature in After Effects 7.


Panasonic Previews NAB announcements, cuts prices

Panasonic previewed their NAB announcements today with new additions to their DVCPRO HD range along with foreshadowing a range of price cuts on existing SD equipment, including the popular SDX900. Along with those announcements, was a statement by Robert Harris, Panasonic VP of marketing and product development, explaining that the price reductions will reposition DVCPRO 50 products at close to what he called “DVCAM-level.” Other than suggesting prices on the SDX900 will drop no other details of the price reductions were given.

Among the new equipment to be revealed at NAB are the AJ-HPC2000 P2 HD camcorder, the AJ-HPS1500 solid state recorder/ player, the AJ-HPM100 mobile recorder/player, and the AJ-PCD20 internal/external drive designed for high-speed file transfer of DVCPRO HD, DVCPRO50 DVCPRO video into nonlinear editing systems and servers.

AJ-HPC2000 shoulder-mount P2 HD camcorder

The AJ-HPC2000 features three HD resolution 2/3” CCDs and 14-bit A/D processing offering high dynamic range and low light recording in 720p, 1080i HD or 480i formats. The 2/3” CCD imager allows the use of widely-available professional quality lenses and accessories. The camcorder offers high sensitivity, F10 at 2000 lux, and can capture images at a minimum illumination of 0.032 lux (at +62dB) addressing the most challenging requirements of broadcasters. The camcorder has slots for five P2 cards and is equipped for maximum connectivity including HD-SDI, genlock, time code, composite video, IEEE1394 (AVC), and USB 2.0. Four channels of uncompressed audio are supported with XLRs, stereo front mic, and Unislot wireless mic connections. An SD card slot is provided for setting exchange.

Panasonic will be showing a working model at NAB but the unit will not ship until November. Price was not announced but indications were given that it was expected to be "much cheaper" than a Sony HDCAM and “probably a little more” than the $26,000 XDCAM HD.

AJ-HPM100 Field Recorder

The AJ-HPM100 is fully equipped for field work with a 9” widescreen LCD monitor, a six-slot P2 drive, an SD card slot, a jog/shuttle dial, function buttons, stereo speakers and AC/DC operation. HD and SD switchable the field recorder records in DVCPRO HD, DVCPRO50, DVCPRO and can play back with upconverting and downconverting between standard and high definition formats.

The AJ-HPM100 has IEEE 1394 and USB 2.0 interfaces, RS-422 for remote control, a range of input and outputs – including switchable HD/SD SDIs, analog composite, analog HD component, analog 4-channel audio and Timecode. It is designed for field applications like searching for clips to generate a ‘selects list’, developing a play list, copying P2 content, backup recording for live broadcasts, and playback for transmission via satellite back to a broadcast facility. No price was given.

AJ-HPS1500 DVCPRO HD Recorder

The AJ-HPS1500 is a high-performance P2 DVCPRO HD solid-state memory studio recorder that also carries five P2 card slots. In addition, the recorder offers two slots for adding removable hard disk drives. The removable drives are useful as an economical video back-up or archive; for real-time data transfer; for play-list creation; and for a variety of edit functions.
Panasonic’s AJ-HPC2000 shoulder-mount P2 HD camcorder.
The AJ-HPS1500 P2 HD studio recorder is being described as the P2 card’s entrée to the IT-style network — it has five P2 slots, two removable hard-disk slots, and a variety of I/O options (including HD-SDI, gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0 and FireWire). And the AJ-HPM100, nicknamed the “P2 Mobile,” is a field recorder with six P2 slots and, again, a wide array of ins and outs, including HD/SD SDI, analog composite and analog HD component. Like the HPC2000, both will ship in November.

The AJ-HPS1500 has the capability of optional downconverting and upconverting between SD and HD recorded material. With connectivity using Gbit Ethernet, USB 2.0 ports, IEEE-1394 (AVC), and HD-SDI as well as SD-SDI input/outputs it is a versatile device to use as a ingest station at a broadcast of production facility.

Standard A/V outputs/inputs on the AJ-HPS1500 include: analog component, composite and reference video, digital audio (AES/EBU Ch1 – Ch8), analog audio (XLR, Ch1 – Ch2), monitor out, and time code in/out. Remote control can be accomplished via RS-422A, RS-232C and GPI. When available the AJ-HPS1500 is expected to sell for US$19,950.

P2 Media

Although the price of 8 GB P2 cards recently dropped to US$1400 Panasonic gave no indications of further price drops or the availability of 16 GB cards – I guess they want something to be a surprise at NAB!

Also new is the AG-DVC20 a shoulder-mounted, three-chip addition to the MiniDV line-up, shipping in June for US$1850 and the BT-LH2600 – a 26-inch LCD monitor for US$4950 that will be used as part of Panasonic’s "CRT-free" NAB booth.

Decklink HD Pro PCIe

Blackmagic Design has announced the immediate availability of their Decklink HD Pro PCIe – a new low cost Dual Link HD-SDI 4:4:4 12 bit SDI capture card with high quality 14 bit analog video monitoring. The DeckLink HD Pro PCIe works in both HD and SD modes, switching between them as required.

Analog monitoring is provided with 14 bit digital-to-analog converters. Audio is via SPDIF/unbalancedAES audio input and SPDIF/unbalanced AES audio out with word-clock out. The card also features Tri-Sync/Black Burst reference input and a built in RS-422 remote control port for broadcast deck control.

The card is, as is typical for video cards, a four lane PCI Express card that works with the latest series of PowerMac G5s and PCs with PCI Express slots. Drivers are available for both Mac OS X and Windows XP and the card has been tested with Apple Final Cut Pro HD, Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0, Sony Vegas 6 and many other applications on both platforms.

The card is available now from authorized Blackmagic Design resellers worldwide for US$1195. It has a higher bit depth and lower cost than similar performance cards in the Decklink HD Pro product range.