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Participatory Culture announces "Democracy"

Although the DTV player for Macintosh has been available in beta form since mid 2005, to celebrate the Windows and Linux releases the four-faceted platform from Participatory Culture has been renamed "Democracy".

The Democracy platform has four parts: Democracy Player, Broadcast Machine for publishing, for social bookmarking of video and the Democracy Channel Guide.

Democracy player.

Now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. New features in this release include built-in video search and integration. Search for video from whatever is available on the web and when you find a video you like, "bomb it" right in the player.

Democracy Channel Guide.

A re-designed, and welcoming home base for internet TV. The Democracy Channel Guide now features over 300 channels of fascinating internet video, with more being added every day.

Broadcast Machine.

Free video publishing software. Broadcast Machine offers instant video publishing capacity for individuals and organizations with optional BitTorrent publishing to make broadcasting video affordable for anyone.

A new social bookmarking website for video: watch and support the best video on the web, share with friends and family.

Holmes Wilson from Participatory Culture will be featured on Creative Planet’s Digital Production BuZZ on Thursday February 23. Join the show live or listen in the archives or through the podcast.


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