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Pixel Corp. releases custom version of Bougou Bullet

Alex Lindsay’s Pixel Corp., in partnership with 2D3, have announced the "Pixel Corps Version" of Boujou Bullet. Boujou Bullet is a super powerful and easy way to reverse engineer camera moves from camera footage alone. It’s a key tool for visual effects and up until now, getting "matchmoving" software this powerful has been very expensive.

The Pixel Corps Version of Boujou Bullet makes it affordable for almost anyone to get into the Matchmoving. For only US$399. Even better, when you buy you’ll get a three month membership to the Pixel Corp., itself valued at US$200. Buy before March 9th, and save another $100 if you us the 55xgft code at checkout.

The catch is that it’s limited to a maximum resolution of 800 x 600 (no HD for you!) and doesn’t export directly to apps like Flame like the regular version of Boujou Bullet does. It does export to Cinema 4D, Lightwave, Maya, XSI, Max, After Effects and Shake, so missing out on Flame might not be so important.

Check out the examples on the website.


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