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Two new HDV Studio Decks from Sony

Sony has revealed the HVR-M25U and HVR-M15U for HDV 1080i and DV recording and playback. Both decks offer HDV 1080i, DVCAM™ and DV SP recording and play back capability and are compatible with mini-size DV cassettes as well as standard-size cassettes that allow more than four hours of HDV recording with compatible tapes. In addition, both decks have a down-conversion function from HD to SD and are switchable between 60 and 50 Hz (NTSC/PAL) to provide full flexibility depending on production needs.

Other shared features include the ability to copy external timecode through the "HDV/DV in TC" feature and a range of connectivity options, including the iLINK (IEEE-1394/FireWire) digital interface, component output, S-Video I/O, composite I/O, and analog audio I/O. Both models accommodate the standard (full) size version of Sony’s DigitalMaster™ professional videotape, which the company recommends for professional HDV applications. The standard size tape offers up to 276 minutes (4.6 hours) of HDV recording time.

The HVR-M15U model is compact, with a small footprint that allows it to be unobtrusively added to existing work environments. Uniquely, it can be placed either horizontally or vertically.

The HVR-M25U deck adds a 2.7" LCD 16:9 panel (same as on the new HDR-HC3 Handycam it seems) for increased user convenience and an HDMI output for connections to consumer television sets.

The model’s Edge Crop adjustment helps operators adjust edge crop areas manually while down-converting in this mode. Duplicate Plus is a dubbing function that duplicates work tapes with the same time-code that the original tape contains through the i.LINK connection.

It also has a Custom Repeat feature and 1080/60i to 720/60p conversion capabilities but only through the analog component and HDMI outputs.


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