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Intelligent Gadgets debuts syncVUE

syncVUE is billed as the world’s first media synchronizer designed to synchronize viewing of media files across multiple (remote) locations – using SKYPE™ technology as a communication layer.

syncVUE integrates a powerful media player with frame accurate collaborative control enabled by the extremely popular SKYPE™ network with VOIP. Capable of playing any media file supported by QuickTime (including Windows Media and MXF files via a separate plug-in from Telestream™), syncVUE leverages the video/audio chat capabilities of SKYPE™ with its own synchronized media playback capability.

Participants in a syncVUE session can add time-code-based text annotations (markers) that are automatically propagated to all connected clients. Markers may contain titles and extensive notes for a quick and easy "review and approval" process. If desired, users can opt to create all their annotations "offline", then once connected in a session, their annotations will be instantly inherited by the others clients. When the session is complete, the markers can be exported to popular non-linear editors such as Final Cut Pro or other NLE systems.


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