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Free guidebook on HVX200

If you’re one of the few people who still haven’t got enough of Panasonic’s great new HVX200 P2-based HD camcorder, then it’s your day because Panasonic have released a guidebook to the HVX200.

The link will take you to the download page, then scroll down the page.

Make sure that the English language tab, and look for the "Guide – HVX200 Guidebook" in the center of the group of blue icons. (Icon turns red when moused over.) Click that link to get the download started.

Sixty eight pages long the guide describes the main features and functionality of the camera in more depth than a sales brochure. As you’d expect the guide has a slight bias toward P2/Panasonic but mostly it’s a guide that accurately describes the features of the camera and why each of them is a Good Thing!


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