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Fully Automated Podcast system for Broadcasters

Intelligent Assistance’s Intellicaster is the first, fully automatic system for recording local TV or Radio and publish it to a podcast feed without human intervention. This turnkey Macintosh-based lets local broadcasters join industry leaders like UK-based media Chrysalis Group, the BBC and US-based NPR who are pushing into podcasting to prevent the loss of their audience to audio and video podcasts.

If commercials are removed for copyright reasons, podcast-only commercials can be substituted or Intellicaster can be integrated with startup klickTab’s payments system so viewers can be charged small sums of money to download and view. Either way, it’s a chance for local television to ad incrementally to their revenue, with no effort.

Intellicaster will also suite any source of live production that wants to podcast the live production: distance education, college stations, churches, school broadcast systems or community station.

Intellicaster records the same program timeslots each day, optionally removes commercials, then encodes, uploads and publishes the podcast feed.

Configurations start at US$4495, including Macintosh. Intellicaster can purchased from Intelligent Assistance, or their dealers worldwide.


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