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Sonic Solutions ships first HD Authoring System

Sonic Solutions have shipped the first professional HD authoring and encoding system for Blu-ray and HD DVD – Scenarist 4 with CineVision for encoding. Scenarist 4 includes complete support for HDMV (Movie Mode) and BD-J, which is Blu-ray’s Java-based interactive layer.

Paired with Scenarist 4 is CineVision, an encoding workstation with expert control over all three compulsory HD codecs: H.264/AVC, VC-1 and HD MPEG-2. CineVision integrates with the Scenarist HD authoring workflow and has support for a broad range of HD video input formats including QuickTime, AVI and DPX image sequences. CineVision includes important workflow features like:

  • Segment-based re-encoding;
  • ExpressQC which automatically identifies sections that are statistically lower in quality, compared with the source material; and
  • StreamData, which provides the ability to share key encoding metadata including encoding parameters, chapter-point information and reference frame data.

Scenarist 4 and CineVision are for the professional: these are not in the same price category as Apple’s DVD Studio Pro or Adobe’s Encore DVD, in fact selling for around US$25,000.


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