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Apple Final Cut Pro: Customize your FCP Workflow for an Installation Project

Chapter: Editing

Topic: Tips or Shortcuts

Recently, we were approached to post an installation piece. The installation puts the viewers in the center of five projection screens? one front and center, one front left, one front right, a rear left and a rear right. The setup allows the viewers to be completely immersed in the story which, in our case, is a 10-minute action short. The same story is playing on all screens, but not the same image. Sometimes you see different angles of the same action, sometimes there are simultaneous sub-plots happening at the same time. It?s a total assault on your senses and timing is everything. For this reason, it would be impossible to edit each screen individually. It?s absolutely essential to view all five screens simultaneously during the offline process to monitor how they interact with each other. Since we don?t have video cards that monitor five individual tracks of a timeline I had to come up with a workflow.



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