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The BuZZ podcast for August 17

This week’s episode of Creative Planet’s Digital Production BuZZ – the world’s only talk radio for Digital Production, Post Production and Distribution – is full of great information and entertainment, as usual.

We’ll start off with Mike Strange “Head Weirdo” at “We are the Strange“. M dot Strange is one of those one_man army types workin away with 9 PC’s in a bedroom with a green screen closet

Our Regional BuZZ steps aside this week for a new monthly segment “Insider’s Guide to Distribution” with Stacey Parks. Stacey is a former foreign sales agent and current sales executive at the BBC in Los Angeles, ?Insiders Guide to Distribution? will tell you how with a few little-known distribution secrets you can take control of your filmmaking career. Not only will your work gain audience recognition worldwide, but you will be able to sell your films for a profit and make a real career out of filmmaking.

After the Insider’s Guide to Distribution we’ll be handling listener’s questions in Pick our Brains.

After the break, we’ll be on the phone with Robert Liano, Producer and Co-director of A Broad Way, an ambition attempt to document the full length of Broadway (Manhattan, NY) with the help of five professional crew shooting with Panasonic Varicam and DVCPRO 50 and 220 Amateur shooters who took care of one block each.

And finally, in our "BuZZ in Depth" segment we’ll take a archiving, backup and Blu-ray.

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