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Noise Industries and Idustrial Revolution release Volumetrix for Final Cut Studio

Noise Industry’s FxFactory was recently released for Final Cut Pro and Motion 2, using the new FxPlug architecture that accelerates plug-ins by using the power of the graphics card. Noise Industry’s founder, Gabriele de Simone, on Creative Planet’s Digital Production BuZZ show of November 23, 2006.

FxFactory allows third parties to develop new plug-ins or extension to the FxFactory settings using the Quartz Composer developer tools. This opens FxFactory to third party developers, like idustrial Revolution’s Peter Wiggins who has designed the quintessential volumetric lighting package, Volumetrix. Volumetrix offers light effects and transitions that would otherwise take many hours of keyframing and rendering that are now available within seconds on both Final Cut Pro and Motion.

Volumetrix is available for US$49 and requires FxFactory 1.0.1.

Volumetrix is just one of the additional plug-ins available in the FxMarket, some of which are free (although only of use to those who already own FxFactory.)


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