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The BuZZ Show and Podcast for February 15

This week’s episode of Creative
Planet’s Digital Production BuZZ
– the world’s only talk radio for
Digital Production, Post Production and Distribution – is full of great
information and entertainment, as usual.

Our first
guest is a return visit with M.Strange who has now
finished his bedroom-made video, We are the Strange and been
promoting it on YouTube and had a screening at Sundance. We’ll talk
with our guest about the journey.

Our popular Pick Our Brains segment follows where we answer listener’s
technical or creative questions.
After the break our guest will be the Director of Media Deployment at
new cooking video site Rouxbe,
Francesco Schiavon. The website features extremely high
quality video derived from HD source. We’ll talk with Francesco about
the production and encoding of the video and the purpose of the website.

And finally, in our “BuZZ in Depth” segment this week we’ll be
talking about how to compete with free.

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