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The BuZZ Show and Podcast for June 14

This week’s episode of Creative
Planet’s Digital Production BuZZ
– the world’s only talk radio for
Digital Production, Post Production and Distribution – is full of great
information and entertainment, as usual.

In our first
segment we have a round-table discussion with Carey Dissmore and Rob Griffiths on issues
surrounding production shoots: what constitutes a fair “day” and what
are a producer’s responsibilites to their crew’s well being and safety.

Following our popular “Pick our Brains” segment we have a special
announcement about a whole new feature on the BuZZ website: The BuZZdex
to the best articles, tutorial, resources and forums wherever they are
on the Internet, organized by application, topic, subject and type.
In our second guest spot, we’ll talk with Mr. Deity, Brian Dalton,
creator of the popular video podcast and web series, Mr Deity. We’ll talk with Brian
about creating this genuingly funny series and how they achieve such
high production values on a limited budget.

And finally, in our “BuZZ in Depth” segment this week we’ll be
talking once again about how the US Delegate to the WIPO is once again
subverting the will of the world and attempting to give “big media’
control perpetual control over anything they broadcast and why AT&T
now stands for “American Tracking & Takedown”.

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