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The BuZZ Show and Podcast for June 7

This week’s episode of Creative
Planet’s Digital Production BuZZ
– the world’s only talk radio for
Digital Production, Post Production and Distribution – is full of great
information and entertainment, as usual.

Our first
guest is  “The Editor Doctor” Mike Nichols, most famous for his
recut of Star Wars Episode 1: The
Phantom Menace
titled Phantom
,  Mike regular works recutting television shows for
syndication and has started a new comedy podcast, Two Guys in a Bar.

Following our popular “Pick our Brains” or
“Regional BuZZ” we’ll have a “Distribution BuZZ” interview we’ll be
catching up with John Putch, Producer/Director of Mojave Phone Booth to discover how
he has faired with distribution since our interview in November 2006.
In our second guest spot, we’ll talk with Visual Effects Supervisor
come Director, Alan Chan. Alan’s latest project is a SciFi short Postcards from the Future.

And finally, in our “BuZZ in Depth” segment this week we’ll be
talking about what you really need for an edit or color bay and why.

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