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CHV Electronics releases Particles Heaven FX

Particles Heaven is a completely new particle emitter system for Motion and Final Cut Pro (Motion projects can be used directly in the timeline of Final Cut Pro). Particles Heaven is not a set of templates for Motion’s own particle system. Particles Heaven is in fact the first real FxPlug particle emitter plug-in ever for Motion and Final Cut Pro. It is loaded with a huge set of controls, making it possible to create a vast amount of ever different looking effects. With Particles Heaven you can create any kind of particle effects you’ve ever dreamed of.

Particles Heaven is the first ever cascadable FxPlug plug-in. This feature makes it possible to produce trails and smoke, trigger explosions at any point of time of the life of a particle, create sparkles along the way and much more.

The main features:

  • Real-Time Preview
  • 8bit and 16bit support
  • Use Clips as a particle Texture
  • Independent particles
  • Cascade up to 20 emitters
    • Each particle can trigger another emitter at any time. New particles can be triggered at a certain age of a particle, at its death, randomly and periodically. The newly created particles can inherit several characteristics to make them look similar and behave like their “mother”.
  • Keyframe everything
  • Emit particles from images
    • Particles Heaven is able to emit particles from images. This enables you to create (for example) sparkling or glowing effects around all kind of shapes.
  • Advanced physics
    • The real-time engine of Particles Heaven is capable to calculate gravitation and wind and also takes air friction into account.
  • Turbulence
    • Particles Heaven offers many ways to distort the path of a particle. Turbulence, Swirl and Swirl-over-life are some of them.
  • Motion depending emission
    • Particles Heaven can detect if the position of the emitter has changed and emit more or less particles depending on its speed.
  • Global Position Control
    • You can setup one emitter as a master emitter and control many other emitters along with it.
  • Bounce on walls
  • Magnets and Black Holes.

So, what can you create with Particles Heaven ?

  • All types of standard and complex particle effects
  • All kinds of fancy backgrounds
  • Fireworks
  • Smoke and dust
  • Glow and shine effects
  • Rain and snow
  • Star explosions
  • Fire
  • Feedback effects
  • Trails
  • …and much more

Due to the nature of such a complex particle emitter, the possibilities are only limited to your imagination.

The demo version of Particles Heaven can be unlocked by a keyfile. So you can try Particles Heaven at first and buy a keyfile later on. Particles Heaven retails for US$295, although Toolfarm have it listed at US$280.

Telestream releases FlipFactory v6

Telestream, has released version 6.0 software release for its flagship FlipFactory
transcoding workflow automation product line. FlipFactory v6.0 software
includes simultaneous transcoding while ingesting from tape with the
company’s new Pipeline
network encoder, support for HD commercial and syndication workflows, a
new Screen Subtitle option for open subtitling, auto-publishing of
metadata with media to more video sharing websites, integrated 2-pass
Flash 8 encoding, plus support for even more formats.

Telestream’s new Pipeline network encoder for FlipFactory provides a
faster, more reliable alternative to PC capture card solutions for
ingesting tape-based media into any FlipFactory product. Pipeline
provides real-time SDI encoding to DV, IMX and MPEG-2, as well as
playout to SDI. Simultaneous transcoding while ingesting from tape
greatly improves workflow throughput for real-time proxy generation and
ingest for archival applications. Batch ingest from an EDL file allows
users to encode multiple clips from a single tape. Pipeline can also be
used to schedule automated ingest of live feeds occurring at a later

Responding to recently-announced delivery of HD content to
broadcasters by digital delivery service providers, FlipFactory v6.0
provides automated ingest of HD media from Pathfire, DG FastChannel,
and Vyvx systems. A new HD option for FlipFactory TrafficManager
automates the entire process of monitoring catch servers for the
arrival of HD and SD commercial content, pulling the media into the
station for QA, proxy generation, transcoding, processing and delivery
to on-air servers or archives, and notifying the automation system. In
addition, v6.0 automates ingest of Pathfire-delivered HD syndication
content for broadcasters.

The new Screen Subtitle software option allows users to generate
high-quality subtitles from a wide range of professional subtitle
formats. When combined with FlipFactory workflow automation, this
option enables efficient generation of burnt-in subtitles in the
required output file formats for multiple distribution outlets, while
leaving a clean archival source file.

FlipFactory MetaFlip adds Google to the list of video-sharing
websites that it supports. Telestream’s exclusive MetaFlip technology
automatically transforms and delivers metadata along with media files
to content distribution service providers, enabling content to be
immediately searchable when it is uploaded. MetaFlip also supports
iTunes, RSS requirements and Cable-Labs VOD workflows.

Now supporting more than 120 video and audio formats and devices,
FlipFactory v6.0 adds an integrated Flash 8 encoding option which
eliminates the need for users to purchase a separate Flix Exporter. The
option includes two-pass encoding for pristine quality. A new H.264
encoder has also been added, allowing HD, SD, or mobile H.264 video to
be created within Transport Stream, Program Stream, and M4V wrappers.

FlipFactory v6.0 is a free upgrade to existing users with valid
maintenance contracts. It is available for purchase through
Telestream’s worldwide direct sales and resale channels. Price depends
on configuration and features, but is definitely in the enterprise

Imagineer Systems releases mocha

Imagineer System’s new standalone tracking station, leverages
Imagineer’s advanced 2.5D planar tracking technology to simplify and
significantly accelerate the generally tedious tracking and rotoscoping
workflow for VFX artists. mocha’s proprietary Planar Tracking System
enables artists to quickly generate accurate corner-pins that can be
exported to industry standard compositing and editing systems.
Additionally, mocha intelligently tracks and transforms roto splines
that can also be exported. This new approach to tracking and
rotoscoping results in highly accurate 2D tracks and mattes of superior
quality while requiring far fewer keyframes and adjustments.

mocha is a stand alone 2D tracking tool packed with features that
make the life of the effects compositing artist easier and less
stressful. With mocha’s advanced planar tracking technology,
compositors can avoid the guesswork and inaccuracies that result from
the painstaking and time-consuming process of hand tracking difficult
shots. The process of generating solid 4-point tracks, giving position,
scale, rotation, shear and perspective matched tracks is significantly
accelerated by Imagineer’s next generation tracking.

Once the track is complete, mocha is designed to seamlessly export
the data to the industry’s most well known compositing and finishing
packages such as Inferno, Flame, Flint, Smoke, Combustion, Avid DS,
Quantel generationQ, After Effects, Shake and Digital Fusion, providing
artists the freedom to finish shots in the compositing application with
which they feel most comfortable.

Imagineer Systems’ mocha is available immediately and is priced at
US$2,995 for single node-locked licenses. The website has
a lot more information and tutorials.

Apple releases Pro Application Support 4.0.1

Apple Pro App Support 4.0.1 (Final Cut , Motion, DVD Studio Pro,
Aperture, Logic Pro, etc.) released

Apple has released Pro Application Support 4.0.1, which the company

“…improves general user interface
reliability for Apple’s professional applications and is recommended
for all users of Final Cut Studio, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Soundtrack
Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Aperture, Final Cut Express HD, Soundtrack, Logic
Pro and Logic Express.”

The new release is available as a 7.6 MB standalone
(recommended) or is available through Software Update if
any of the applications above are installed.

Apple Final Cut Pro: No Nesting

Chapter: Editing

Topic: Basic Skills

Here’s a useful tip if you load a sequence into the Viewer, and want to add footage from that sequence into your timeline (like an old fashioned KEM reel). To insert or overwrite the footage into the timeline, hold down the Command key while pressing F9 or F10. This will drop the source clips into your timeline, rather than a nested sequence clip. This also works when dragging a sequence from the Browser or Viewer to the Timeline.


Apple Final Cut Pro: Advanced Final Cut Pro Techniques: ProRes 422

Chapter: Editing

Topic: Capture, Digitize, Import

With the release of Final Cut Studio 2 and Final Cut Pro 6 (FCP), Apple introduced ProRes 422, a new codec that gives high definition (HD) quality at standard definition file size. You can also convert your HD, HDV, DV, etc., footage within FCP to ProRes 422, which I have done, to gain the codec’s benefits.


Adobe After Effects: After Effects and Day to Night

Chapter: Visual and Creative Effects

Topic: Simulation

This is a great way to turn any shot into night and with some time spent and some creativity you can real ‘sell’ the shot.


Adobe Encore: Going from Premiere Pro to Encore to Flash is as easy as CS3

Chapter: Distribution

Topic: Flash Video


Adobe Premiere Pro: Going from Premiere Pro to Encore to Flash is as easy as CS3

Chapter: Distribution

Topic: Flash Video


Maxon Cinema 4D: CINEMA 4D: Simpson Torus

Chapter: 3D Modelling and Animation

Topic: Modelling

It’s time to make the doughnuts. Sure – you could make a better one – I dare you to! But if you want to get started, there really is no easier way than to pop open up a 3D application and click on a primitive object that already looks like a doughnut: The Torus Object. Oh, the torus object – is there anything it *can’t* do? Try it out – push it around, and see what happens. In the first part, I’ll show you how easy it is to make a plain doughnut – cartoon style.