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Imagineer Systems releases mocha

Imagineer System’s new standalone tracking station, leverages
Imagineer’s advanced 2.5D planar tracking technology to simplify and
significantly accelerate the generally tedious tracking and rotoscoping
workflow for VFX artists. mocha’s proprietary Planar Tracking System
enables artists to quickly generate accurate corner-pins that can be
exported to industry standard compositing and editing systems.
Additionally, mocha intelligently tracks and transforms roto splines
that can also be exported. This new approach to tracking and
rotoscoping results in highly accurate 2D tracks and mattes of superior
quality while requiring far fewer keyframes and adjustments.

mocha is a stand alone 2D tracking tool packed with features that
make the life of the effects compositing artist easier and less
stressful. With mocha’s advanced planar tracking technology,
compositors can avoid the guesswork and inaccuracies that result from
the painstaking and time-consuming process of hand tracking difficult
shots. The process of generating solid 4-point tracks, giving position,
scale, rotation, shear and perspective matched tracks is significantly
accelerated by Imagineer’s next generation tracking.

Once the track is complete, mocha is designed to seamlessly export
the data to the industry’s most well known compositing and finishing
packages such as Inferno, Flame, Flint, Smoke, Combustion, Avid DS,
Quantel generationQ, After Effects, Shake and Digital Fusion, providing
artists the freedom to finish shots in the compositing application with
which they feel most comfortable.

Imagineer Systems’ mocha is available immediately and is priced at
US$2,995 for single node-locked licenses. The website has
a lot more information and tutorials.


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