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CineForm Intermediate HD and 2K QuickTime Codecs Ship for Intel-Based Macs

CineForm, Inc. has announced that QuickTime versions of its HD and 2K CineForm
codecs are shipping in production for Intel-based
Macintosh computers running Mac OS X 10.4 or later. CineForm QuickTime
movie files are now compatible on both Windows and Mac OS X computers.
CineForm QuickTime files eliminate the need for massively large DPX
files as a common exchange format between platforms, thus enabling the
industry’s first practical cross-platform and cross-application
post-production workflow.

Mac OS X software applications supported with the first production
release include Adobe’s CS3 Production Premium, Apple’s Final Cut Pro,
Motion, and QuickTime Player, Media 100, and Pomfort Silverstack.
CineForm is also offering a free decoder for Intel-based Macs called
Neo Player Mac.

CineForm’s QuickTime codec supports digital workflows from standard
definition all the way to 2048×2048, including the 12-bit CineForm 444
format suitable for film scanning, animation, and high-end compositing.
CineForm’s free Neo Player for Mac allows all users of Intel-based Macs
to play CineForm QuickTime files within most Mac video applications,
including Adobe CS3, Apple Final Cut Pro, and QuickTime player,
regardless of whether the files were created on Windows or Mac.

NEO HD/2K and Prospect HD/2K, which include the CineForm QuickTime
codec for Mac OS X, are available for immediate purchase with a
starting price of US$599. Certain free upgrades and special pricing is
available to existing CineForm customers. Neo Player for Mac is
available as a free download from CineForm’s website. Visit CineForm’s
website for more details. Purchases may be made from
CineForm’s website or from CineForm’s network of resellers. The codecs
for Mac are installed with the free NEO


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