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Adrienne Electronics introduces the AEC-uBOX-2

The new AEC-uBOX-2
from Adrienne Electronics Corporation was introduced at NAB last April
and is now shipping. It is a great production tool that lets the video
producer integrate live LTC Time Code into his HD or SD work flow. It
allows capture of live LTC Time Code in conjunction with the capture of
SDI uncompressed video, strait into Final Cut Pro/Studio or Adobe
Premier from the camera. It’s like adding an ‘LTC IN’ plug to your KONA
or DeckLink card. This one feature alone will save time and money while
bringing convenience back into your production day.

The new AEC-uBOX-2 replaces the older AEC-BOX2 model which have been
around for many years, but in a small pocket size unit. The same
input/output functions are supported, and the price is lower, selling
for US$395.00.

The new AEC-uBOX-2 supports both RS-422 and RS 232 communications in
each unit. The cable connection determines which is used.

The biggest advantage in multi-camera operations is the AEC-uBOX-2
provides the recording of the matched time code from all camera
captures, up to 10 simultaneous live SDI feeds, each with the same time
code tags. No additional time to ingest from tape during post, no
expensive VTR, and no tape. The AEC-uBOX-2 unit is currently being used
by motion picture and television production companies to save time.

In short, the AEC-uBOX-2 acts as a virtual VTR, providing the live
time code instead of the “off-tape” time code that a VTR usually
provides. This unit works similarly with PC based systems like Adobe
Premiere with an Avid Media Composer / Xpress / Mojo or AJA XENA Card.

Adrienne Electronics have some case studies
working with Final Cut Pro available.


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