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Telestream Unveils Episode Podcast

Software adds format support for Apple’s Leopard Server Podcast
Producer, providing student access to educational and training content
on any platform or personal device

Telestream have introduced Episode
, a product developed specifically for seamless integration
with one of Apple’s new Mac OS X Leopard Server features, Podcast
Producer. Telestream’s Episode Podcast is a server-based application
that provides easy integration with Podcast Producer. It enables
educators to reach out to a broader audience, including PC and Mac
users, as well as video and audio access on MP3 players, a broad range
of multi-media enabled mobile phones, Sony PSP and other personal media

Episode Podcast allows Podcast Producer to accept any leading input
format and repurpose media to all the popular distribution formats,
including Windows Media, Flash 8, MP3, 3GPP, VC-1, H.264 and much more.
This means that a teacher authoring content in Windows Media can submit
content to Podcast Producer without modifying the workflow, thus
ensuring consistency throughout the podcast production process. Plus,
multiformat content from legacy systems and archives can easily be
imported into the podcast production workflow.

Episode Podcast provides scalability from a single server to a
fully-automated, multi-node server cluster running on the same Apple
Xgrid hardware as Podcast Producer – allowing distributed processing
across multiple servers for large-scale, time-critical podcast

Priced from US$2450, Episode Podcast is available for immediate
purchase from Telestream’s worldwide sales channels. In Europe, Episode
Podcast is available from Apple direct sales and resellers as well as
Online Apple Stores for each country.


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