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Apple Knowledge Base Articles for December 23rd

Cut Studio doesn’t display or import Flash content after upgrading to
QuickTime 7.3.1

Existing projects that contain Flash elements may not perform as
expected, or may appear to be missing elements. Flash tracks in
QuickTime movies is no longer supported in QuickTime from version 7.3.1
onward. Use QuickTime-based movie formats in Final Cut Studio
applications. Export to a bitmap version from an earlier release of

Cut Pro: Lack of responsiveness due to network volumes

When you switch from another application back to Final Cut Pro,
there may be a delay or you may see the spinning disc cursor for a
moment. This can occur if you have a network volume mounted (e.g., via
File Sharing) that is connected via a slow network link.

Unmount any network volumes not required by the work you’re doing.
Any slow network volumes that are mounted to your computer may cause
occasional delays in Final Cut Pro performance, as it polls drives for

multimedia apps: Troubleshooting dropped frame issues

Troubleshoot situations in which dropped frames occur when video is
stored via Xsan media. “Dropped frames” refers to frames of video that
are unintentionally skipped during capture, editing or playout.

The workstation is unable to properly control the transfer of each
frame of video. There are troubleshooting suggestions in the article.
This is a companion article to Final Cut
Pro: Dropped Frames–Causes and Solutions


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