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Flip4Mac updates WMV QuickTime Components to Version 2.2

Flip4Mac WMV 2.2
includes Player enhancements for all Mac users
significantly faster export speeds for Intel Mac users. Flip4Mac WMV
Components enable Macintosh users to play, import and export Windows
Media video and audio files in native QuickTime applications. Basic
support of WMV playback in the QuickTime Player or browser plug-in is
free. Versions that allow import and export of media start at US$29.

Version 2.2 includes a number of enhancements, including support for
Apple’s new Mac OS X Leopard operating system. A new JavaScript
browser plug-in enables web authors to create interactive experiences
for their users, including user-controlled playlists and custom buttons
for greater player control. For export users, Intel Macs will see
significantly faster encoding speeds, up to five times faster with
version 2.2. This release also provides improved video quality when
encoding 2-pass VBR. In addition, export users can now create Microsoft
Silverlight applications for the Web.

Intel Mac users gain “significantly faster” encoding speeds in this
release — up to 5x faster, according t the developer. Video quality
has been improved when encoding two-pass Variable Bit Rate (VBR. Export
users can now create Microsoft Silverlight content for the Web.

The upgrade is free
to existing owners of export-capable products and for the free
playback-only version.

Telestream also announced that the WMV QuickTime components have
been downloaded 10 million times.


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