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Apple Knowledge Base Articles for December 23rd

Cut Studio doesn’t display or import Flash content after upgrading to
QuickTime 7.3.1

Existing projects that contain Flash elements may not perform as
expected, or may appear to be missing elements. Flash tracks in
QuickTime movies is no longer supported in QuickTime from version 7.3.1
onward. Use QuickTime-based movie formats in Final Cut Studio
applications. Export to a bitmap version from an earlier release of

Cut Pro: Lack of responsiveness due to network volumes

When you switch from another application back to Final Cut Pro,
there may be a delay or you may see the spinning disc cursor for a
moment. This can occur if you have a network volume mounted (e.g., via
File Sharing) that is connected via a slow network link.

Unmount any network volumes not required by the work you’re doing.
Any slow network volumes that are mounted to your computer may cause
occasional delays in Final Cut Pro performance, as it polls drives for

multimedia apps: Troubleshooting dropped frame issues

Troubleshoot situations in which dropped frames occur when video is
stored via Xsan media. “Dropped frames” refers to frames of video that
are unintentionally skipped during capture, editing or playout.

The workstation is unable to properly control the transfer of each
frame of video. There are troubleshooting suggestions in the article.
This is a companion article to Final Cut
Pro: Dropped Frames–Causes and Solutions

Matrox release new MXO Drivers

Matrox have announced that release 2.1 for Matrox MXO
is now available for download. Highlights of MXO Release 2.1 include
Mac OS X v10.5 (Leopard) support, Apple Color v1.0.2 support, Adobe
Premiere Pro CS3 v3.1.1 support and genlock timing offset controls.

Matrox MXO 2.1 lets you accurately view your Color work on an
inexpensive Apple Cinema Display or other DVI monitor. It provides all
the tools you need: 

  • Matrox calibration utilities let you adjust and control your DVI
    monitor exactly like you would a broadcast HD/SD monitor.
  • Controls for hue, chroma, contrast, brightness, and blue-only are
    provided. This unique control gives you completely  accurate color
    representation you can trust.
  • Super black and super white monitoring on the DVI display expands
    your viewable color range with Final Cut Pro.
  • User-selectable 1:1 pixel mapping means there are no scaling
    artifacts to interfere with the pristine view of your footage.

All the features of Matrox MXO are now available to Adobe Premiere
Pro CS3 users on the Mac as well as for Final Cut Pro users.

Of particular benefit to broadcasters, the new MXO genlock timing
offset controls can be used to align your video output relative to your
external genlock source to compensate for cable delays within your

Adobe After Effects: Seeing the Forest for the Trees

Chapter: Compositing Tools and Techniques

Topic: Controls and Interfaces

If you’ve got a 3d composition with plenty of layers and nulls and cameras and lights and masks, you’ll find that your composition view can get pretty… uhhh… well, “dense” would be a kind way of putting it! Even a single layer with a mask can make it difficult to objectively visualize your composition. Fortunately, there are some quick ways to cut through the trees to see the forest, none of which (alas) involve chain saws and rollicking Coureurs-de-Bois tuneage. Take a look at THIS short tutorial to see how it’s done.


Adobe After Effects: Studying Shape Extruder

Chapter: Compositing Tools and Techniques

Topic: 3D Objects (or pseudo 3D) Objects for 2D Space

ShapeExtruder uses Shape Layers in After Effects CS3 to create the illusion of objects being extruded. The only problem was moving paths from Adobe Illustrator to After Effects as Shape Layers because when you copy them from Illustrator and paste them in After Effects‚Ķ they are pasted as masks. The script I’ve mentioned above converts masks to Shape Layers allowing you to create 3D logos easily.


Apple Final Cut Pro: Final Cut Pro – Searching For Unused Assets

Chapter: Editing

Topic: Clip and Media Management

Do you have hundreds of assets in your Final Cut Pro project, but you are only using a percentage of them in your sequences? Want to find out how to get rid of the unused assets in your Final Cut Pro project quickly? Watch this podcast to learn how!


Apple Final Cut Pro: Final Cut Pro – Creating a Freeze Frame

Chapter: Editing

Topic: Speed Effects

Do you need an image (freeze frame) from a particular frame in your clip for your website? Creating a freeze frame in Final Cut Pro is very easy to accomplish and I will show you how to do it in this episode.


BuZZ Show and Podcast for December 20

This week’s episode of the world’s only interactive talk radio for Digital Production, Post Production and Distribution is filled with great information and entertainment designed for the independent filmmaker, producer or editor.

We start with a two-part conversation with Allyson Sherlock and Kathryn Hall about the challenges of creating high-quality content in a limited time on a very limited budget. In other words, just like every other independent filmmaker in the world. Discover the secrets to their success.

Our Win A Widget contest continues – when we announce our latest winners during our world-famous Pick Our Brains segment – where you can get answers to your toughest technical questions.

Then, we swing over to Boston to get the latest post-production BuZZ from Bob Cusumano, post-production supervisor at Emerson College.

Finally, Dave Bittner has discovered not only a good idea, but how to get funding and distribution for it. Learn what he did, then apply it to your own projects.

Creative Planet’s Digital Production BuZZ is live 6-7 pm Pacific Time. Join the Show Live, listen to, or download an episode from the archives or subscribe to the podcast through iTunes or off the website.

Sony Creative Software Updates Vegas Movie Studio Platinum Edition

Sony Creative Software today announced an update to its Vegas
Movie Studio Platinum Edition
software that makes the application
compatible with virtually any consumer AVCHD camcorder from Sony,
Panasonic or Canon. As very few software products can currently offer
AVCHD editing, this upgrade makes Vegas Movie Studio widely available
as an editing option to users of these camcorders.

The 8.0c update is free for existing Vegas Movie Studio Platinum
Edition software users and can be downloaded
from the Sony Creative Software website. MSRP for the Vegas Movie
Studio Platinum software is US$119.95. For more information about Vegas
Movie Studio Platinum Edition or any of Sony Creative Software’s
leading audio or video editing solutions, please visit

Avid Technology Announces Gary Greenfield as new Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Avid Technology, Inc. has announced
that Gary Greenfield has been named chairman of the board and chief
executive officer (CEO) effective immediately. Greenfield succeeds
Nancy Hawthorne, who has served as interim CEO since August 1 and will
assume the role of lead director on the company’s Board.

Greenfield has been CEO of GXS since 2003, a leading worldwide
provider of business-to-business integration, synchronization and
collaboration solutions. Since December 2003, he has also been an
operating partner with Francisco Partners, a leading technology-focused
private equity firm.

Previously, he served as CEO of Peregrine Systems where he managed
the restructuring of their business; president and CEO of MERANT; and
while CEO of INTERSOLV, they merged with Micro Focus to form MERANT. He
has experience growing businesses both organically and through
acquisition, managing development, marketing and operations, and
serving diverse customers from small businesses to the Fortune 500.

Based on Gary Greenfield’s background – none of it in video post or
broadcast – it would seem that his key strengths to Avid are in
restructuring or “turn-around”. Much of his compensation is dependent
on share price increases and other key performance indicators. This
should be positive for Avid.

Apple DVD Studio Pro: Default Button Style in DVD Studio Pro

Chapter: DVD Authoring

Topic: Menu Design

When you are working on authoring a project with DVD Studio Pro, it is often a big help to set a default button style. A popular default would be to set your buttons up to have the text appear in the center of the button rather than the DVD Studio Pro default of below the button.