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Handmade Digital Releases VFXTracker 2008 for Final Cut Pro

Handmade Digital, founded by film editor Alan Edward Bell, today released VFXTracker 2008. This new Final Cut Pro Plugin Filter/Application includes a Plugin that allows the user to easily tag visual effects clips in the sequence. The information stored in these VFXINFO tags is saved in the project, and is included in exported cut sequences. When these cut sequences are imported into VFXTracker 2008, the application extracts all data tagged as VFX. This new approach to managing visual effects data enables the user to easily generate reports that will seamlessly integrate into their workflow. The user can run VFXTracker to generate a Visual Effects Change List between two versions of a sequence so that they can quickly see if any shots have been added, removed, or modified.

The retail price is $299, with an introductory price of $199 until April 30, 2008. A demo version is available.


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