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Apple DVD Studio Pro: Creating a Play All function in DVD Studio Pro

Chapter: DVD Authoring

Topic: Menus or Navigation

DVD Studio Pro has a function called a Story which will allow you to play just a portion of a track without continuing thru to the end. When you have videos that you want to be able to play all one after the other or individually this is a great work flow. A demo reel for example would be a perfect example of this.


BuZZ Show and Podcast for July 24

This week’s episode of the world’s only interactive talk radio for Digital Production, Post Production and Distribution is filled with great information and entertainment designed for the independent filmmaker, producer or editor.

Join hosts Larry Jordan and Mike Horton this week on The BuZZ!

The BuZZ Breakdown

6:00 pm – What’s the BuZZ?

6:05 pm – Andy Seltzer and Paul McLeod – Even Enterprise

So, we’re sitting here a few months ago and the call comes in… Apple is no longer supporting the XServe RAID; instead they are pushing Promise Technology. Andy Seltzer of Evan Enterprises provides pre-sale tech support for the Promise VTrak Line of RAID subsystems. We’ll talk with Andy and Paul McLeod, Technical Marketing Engineer for the Promise VTrak line. If you are running out of storage space on your system, you need to listen in.

6:25 pm – Burning Blu-ray BuZZ

Bruce Nazarian – CEO, Digital Media Consulting Group, Inc.

Bruce has made some breakthroughs in terms of a completely end-to-end Mac-based Final Cut-to-Encore-to-Blu-ray Disc on DVD that he thinks is pretty darn astounding. Learn how on the show!

6:33 pm – Elena Miliaresis – Director/Producer, Smiling Sun

“While Time Stands Still” is a poignant documentary, produced and directed by Elena Miliaresis, featuring firsthand accounts of the challenges facing families during wartime separation. Deployment issues, coping mechanisms, dealing with the effects of war on the soldiers and their loves one, and the camaraderie of those who are alone. She saw all this first-hand as she lived through her fianc’s tour of duty and is making a film to raise public awareness for the sacrifices made by military families.

6:51 pm – Pick Our Brains

Pick Our Brains is devoted to getting your questions answered. Email them to us, or join us for the live chat during the show.

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How to Use a Portable Audio Recorder in Field Productio

Chapter: Audio

Topic: Location Recording

A portable field recorder is one of the most commonly used tools in electronic field production, but how it connects to other field equipment (such as video cameras, portable field mixers, wireless microphones, etc.) isn’t terribly obvious. There are so many different models available with varying capabilities (some have time code, and others do not, some have multi-tracking, and others do not, and so on) that it can be confusing as to which recorder would best suit your needs. This article will hopefully show you some of the ways you can use a portable audio recorder, and to explain its various controls and features.


Apple Final Cut Pro: Sequence Markers in Final Cut Pro

Chapter: Editing

Topic: Basic Skills

Using sequence markers can be an excellent way to help keep yourself organized. Because they appear in the Canvas, they can be very useful in keeping yourself reminded what needs to be done. As you travel across a sequence marker by marker ( shift M, & option M ) you can get all your messages to yourself, and deal with them accordingly.


CityEngine Generates Rome in One Day

Procedural Inc., based in Zurich, Switzerland, has announced CityEngine to be shown at Siggraph 2008. With the CityEngine, Procedural Inc.’s graphics experts have created a radically different 3D application that allows the modeling of cities up to 10 times faster than previous solutions, making automatic digital city creation possible for professional users.

As the core of the CityEngine, the shape grammar has been designed specifically for rule-based production of architectural content at arbitrary levels of detail. The procedurally generated 3D buildings can be exported in various file formats, allowing for a flexible and simple integration into existing production pipelines. In addition, the underlying procedural approach ensures the reusability of designs and is well suited for collaborative work environments.

Click here to learn more.

Side Effects Releases Houdini 9.5

Side Effects Software releases Houdini 9.5. This release introduces Houdini to the Mac community and significantly improves workflow and interoperability with new shelf tools and a variety of import/export formats.

Consisting of several versions, Houdini is a full-featured, node-based, 3D animation and visual effects software renowned for its particle and dynamics tools.

Houdini 9.5 is available immediately for purchase through the Houdini Store.

Click here for more information.

GeeThree to ship Final Cut plug-ins

GeeThree releases StickFX – a variety of transition, filters, titles, and generators suitable for a broad range of video projects, says Bruce Gee of GeeThree. The introductory price is US$99 and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or 10.5. A CD version is also available for $5 more.

Click here for more information.

Avid Liquid: Avid Liquid Color Correction: Part 2

Chapter: Color Correction

Topic: Basic Color Correction

Last week we showed you how to color correct your work by using a reference video. But what if you don’t have a reference video to go by? Here’s how to perform one-point gray balancing, which can shape up your colors in a snap. The advantage of using one-point gray balancing is that you don’t need a reference video–a second video shot at the same time but with truer colors–to go by. You can perform this quickly and easily with just one video


New to Editing: Fundamentals – The Overlap Cut

Chapter: Editing

Topic: Editing Technique

In today’s world of whiz bang, high-tech, digital editing, the power of the lowly overlap cut has been all but lost in the tumult. I’m sure many of you have heard the term overlap, pre-lap or post-lap before, but you may not know exactly why one would use this technique when creating a sequence. Understanding this subtle, simple and effective tool, which editors pull from their bag of tricks every day, will make you a more seasoned and better editor.


Apple Final Cut Pro: Final Cut Pro 6: 1080p24 workflow for Canon HV20 camcorder

Chapter: Editing

Topic: Capture, Digitize, Import

This advanced article discusses workflow ideas for incorporating 1080p24 HDV material from a Canon HV20 camcorder into Final Cut Pro 6. Final Cut Pro 6 and Canon HV20 camcorders are both capable of working with 1080p24 material, but due to differing characteristics in the ways that the media is handled, special care is required so that interlacing artifacts and pulldown cadence issues are not introduced in your work. The steps below are meant to impart general workflow overviews. For details on performing any of the steps provided, refer to the User Manuals (available from the Help menu in each respective Final Cut Studio application).