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The Foundry Nuke: Getting acquainted with Nuke: Part 1

Chapter: Compositing Tools and Techniques

Topic: Interface

This very basic intro will show you the layout of Nuke, how to import footage, and how to add effects. Nuke, originally developed by effects house Digital Domain, is a powerful, fast compositing tool used on features such as The Day After Tomorrow, King Kong and many others. It is node-based like Shake and provides real time feedback as well.
This very basic intro, part 1 of 4, will show you the layout of Nuke, how to import footage, how to add effects, and what to do to change the properties of them. For more info on Nuke please visit . There is a 30 day fully functional demo available. Enjoy.


Apple Final Cut Pro: Recommended QuickTime and Mac OS configurations for Final Cut Pro

Chapter: Video and Computer Technology

Topic: Operating System Issues

I have been developing this list of optimal configurations for a while now. It is based on my own experiences and the recommendations of others. As such, it is somewhat subjective. If your own experiences differ, feel free to let me know and I will update the page.


Boris RED: Creating subtitles with Boris RED 4.3

Chapter: Editing

Topic: Subtitles and captioning

Those who like making subtitles raise your hand! Adding subtitles to your project may prove daunting, time-consuming and error-prone. However, subtitle work is much easier if you have a copy of Boris RED 4.3 in your toolbox. RED is a very capable text creation tool that provides a rich environment for static lower thirds – the common way of treating subtitles. But how do you make hundreds of lower-thirds without going mad? Follow the easy steps in this tutorial to generate any number of subtitles automatically.


The Foundry Nuke: Getting acquainted with Nuke: Part 1 – Nuke Layout, how to import footage, and how to add effects

Chapter: Compositing Tools and Techniques

Topic: Interface

At this past NAB I had the pleasure of meeting the fine folks from The Foundry. I have been a fan of their Tinderbox plug-ins for After Effects for quite some time. During our meeting they showed me their ultra cool compositing tool, Nuke.


RED releases REDrushes

According to the EditBlog, RED has released new versions of a number of their tools. The RedAlert release now includes REDrushes, a batch processing application which looks to be a similar workflow to running the Quicktime reference proxies through Compressor. You should get better results in image quality in that REDrushes is working directly with the .R3D files. There are options to create TIFFs, DPXs and Quicktimes.

Click here to learn more.

JVC Introduces Free Monitor Calibration Software For Its HD DT-V Series Monitors

JVC today released free monitor calibration software for their video monitors.

All JVC professional studio monitors are shipped from the JVC factory in Japan and are precisely calibrated at 6500K and 2.2 gamma correction. Manual adjustments include a unique backlight adjustment, and when combined with very high native contrast ratio, enable close matching of black levels to reference CRT monitors for critical viewing and color matching applications.

The software is compatible with X-Rite and Minolta color probes (purchased separately) and allows the user to re-calibrate DT-V series professional monitors to custom luminance levels, color temperature and gamma curves. Monitor calibration can be saved and re-applied to groups of monitors to achieve uniform color reproduction throughout the entire studio facility. Multiple color profiles including factory calibration settings can be saved and re-applied if required.

JVC’s free Monitor Calibration Software is available to registered DT-V Series monitor customers at In addition, JVC Monitor Calibration software is available free of charge to registered JVC customers who purchased DT-V series monitors.

CalDigit Ships New RAID Card

CalDigit today released the CalDigit RAID Card providing RAID protected storage, additional drive speed, and additional flexibility to any PCIe equipped desktop computer.

The CalDigit RAID Card is 100% hardware RAID. Unlike software RAID solutions, the CalDigit RAID Card had a dedicated Intel XScale processor and 256MB of cache on board. This frees up the host CPU, allowing the user to get maximum performance out of their workstation. The CalDigit RAID Card supports a variety of RAID levels (0, 1, 5, 6 and JBOD) to meet the needs of a wide range of users. The CalDigit RAID Card provides RAID performance and protection for to up to 16 drives (4 internal and 12 external via the CalDigit HDElement). At maximum capacity 16TB of storage is capable, all at speeds of up to 500MBs.

The CalDigit RAID Card has a MSRP of $549, and it’s available now! Click here for more information.

Adobe After Effects: Animate Rain Shadows in After Effects

Chapter: Visual and Creative Effects

Topic: Simulating Nature

Changing the look, feel, atmosphere, temperature, and mood in an After Effects 3D scene can make all the difference to your animation. Lighting and color go a long way to achieving this but using some little-known techniques and tricks can really take your scene to the next level of reality. In this tutorial, we’re going to animate rain shadows in a hallway being cast from an outside light source. [If you’d like to preview the final effect, click here. All files are for personal use only.]


Apple DVD Studio Pro: Advanced Navigation Authoring with Apple DVDSP: The Chapter Skip Button

Chapter: DVD Authoring

Topic: Menus or Navigation

Creative Cow Contributor Jake Russell takes you deep into the advanced navigation capabilities in Apple DVD Studio Pro to show you how to take complete control over menu navigation. In this case, he’ll show you how to make the chapter skip button take you to a menu. It might SOUND easy, but if you’ve tried it, you might actually think it’s impossible — but not if you follow Jake’s direction.


Apple Final Cut Pro: Become replaceable. Have a life with better FCP project management

Chapter: Editing

Topic: Tips and Techniques

Sure, being replaceable can be scary — but sometimes you NEED somebody to step in and help. Here are some of the tricks that Cow author Dustin Lau has learned for project set-up, file naming, and clear communication with other members of your team. These tricks will create smooth hand-offs from you to your temporary replacement — and back to you when you return, without driving anyone crazy.