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ProMax is Back!

In a letter from Jess Hartmann, the new owner and CEO of Promax Systems, he states:

“My name is Jess Hartmann and I am extremely proud to let you know that ProMax is back and stronger than ever. I have made a commitment of time, energy, resources and funds, and rehired a substantial number of the very qualified former staff members. Over the next few months we will introduce those folks to you via our newsletter. We are looking forward to continue helping our customers achieve their objectives and are working diligently to make sure we have the appropriate infrastructure in place to support those efforts. The new ProMax is still an authorized reseller for Apple, AJA, Sony, Adobe, AVID and others and will continue to offer systems based on those relationships. We have retained our website: We have also retained the same phone numbers 800-977-6629 or 949-727-3977.”

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