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Boris FX Announces New Boris Continuum Unit: Film Look

Boris FX announced that a new Unit of the Boris Continuum family of visual effects plug-ins, Film Look, is now available.

The new Boris Continuum Film Look Unit includes the following plug-ins:

Film Process: The Film Process plug-in can help “filmize” digital video by deepening the color response range of the digital image to emulate film’s dynamic color range. It can also be used to color grade and mimic an infinite variety of analog lens filters, optical processes, and special effects. This capability allows for a broader aesthetic and creative palette that filmed imagery offers – but without the higher cost of 35mm film production.

Film Damage: Film Damage simulates the appearance of old film stock. Users can add scratches, grain particles, hair or fibers, and dirt, dust, or water spots, as well as simulate camera shake or a flickering image.

Match Grain: Match Grain takes a snapshot of telecined media and generates a grain signature which can be used as a matching grain sample for a destination clip containing little or no grain. A common application of this filter is adding grain to computer-generated imagery to lend to a more realistic composite. Match Grain can also be used to grain footage shot on video so it edits more seamlessly into a sequence with telecined media.

Film Grain: The Film Grain plug-in creates an auto-animated noise effect designed to simulate the appearance of grain particles in the emulsion of movie or photo film.

Deinterlace: The Deinterlace plug-in converts interlaced video clips into progressive-scan frames, such as footage shot on film. Deinterlace can render “simulated telecine” style by adding pulldown. This filter can also convert 29.97fps NTSC video into 24fps film-style frames.

Prism: Prism is typically used to simulate the photographic effect of chromatic aberration in which a bad lens can generate prismatic color fringing along edges of high contrast within the image.

Boris Continuum Film Look supports Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, and Apple Motion. For Avid systems, the Film Look filters are included as part of Boris Continuum Complete AVX.

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