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Dalsa Discontinues Digital-Cinema Division

According to a report in The, Dalsa is discontinuing its digital-cinema division, which it launched in 2000 to develop and build the world’s sharpest-resolution digital movie camera.

The Origin camera, launched in 2004, won many accolades but may have been ahead of its time, as it was never used to film the entirety of a major studio’s feature-length film.

Yesterday, Dalsa announced that it will no longer make cinema cameras. If a letter of intent turns into a final agreement, it will instead license its camera technology to German camera maker Arnold & Richter Cine Technik GmbH, (ARRI) which will use the technology in its own products.

According to a report released from Dalsa to the stock exchange, under the terms of the deal, Dalsa will sell its camera division, help develop future sensor chips for Arri, and seek to also sell its rental division separately. Faced with continuing losses in their high end camera sector, compared with modest profits in their other chip and sensor operations, Dalsa is off-loading their cameras to Arri.

Fifteen to 20 of Dalsa’s 350 employees in Waterloo, and an equal number of people in Los Angeles, will lose their jobs, according to company spokesperson Patrick Myles.

As a note, it is interesting to speculate the impact the RED camera may have had on this decision.

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