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Apple Compressor: Remote Destinations with Apple Compressor

Chapter: Workflow

Topic: Workflow

Being able to output with Apple Compressor, and upload in one step is a very useful function. I am guilty of not knowing what Remote meant when I would create a destination for my Compressor projects. Recently I got caught needing to compress a HD Quicktime movie to Mpeg4, and get it loaded up to the internet. The issue was I had to leave for the airport 10 minutes ago. with Compressor I was able to upload it to my iDisc. I started the compression with the iDisc as the destination, and left fpr the airport. While I was waiting to board my plane I hopped on the internet, downloaded the mpeg4 movie off of my iDisc, put it into an iWeb page, and published it to the web. Being able to output to my iDisc really saved me.



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