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Schneider Optics offers new TRU-CUT IR-750 filter

Schneider Optics has introduced the TRU-CUT IR-750 filter, designed to eliminate light in the infrared (IR) spectrum before it reaches an HD camera’s sensors.

Most HD cameras have a high sensitivity to light in the IR spectrum, and though the IR light is not visible to the human eye, it can result in odd color shifts and prevent a camera’s imagers from capturing true black tones. As digital videographers use multi-stop neutral-density (ND) filters to allow them to open their lens iris for more depth of field, IR light begins to dominate light from the visible spectrum, making its pollution more apparent.

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Answer to Gears: After Effects – Making the gear hole

Building a Cube World: Part 3

Adobe After Effects: Building a Cube World: Part 3

Chapter: Compositing Tools and Techniques

Topic: 3D Objects (or pseudo 3D) Objects for 2D Space

n this tutorial, Creative Cow Contributing Editor Carl Larsen shows you how to track a lens flare onto the surface of a 360 degree camera-aware environment without the use of a third-party plug-in. Download the Project Files here.


Adobe After Effects: Answer to Gears: After Effects – Making the gear hole

Chapter: Compositing Tools and Techniques

Topic: Shapes

I got a few questions about how the shape layers work, why the boolean operation does what it does in the shape layer, and specifically how to make the hole in the middle of the gear. Well, I got enough email questions about it that I figured it was worth a tutorial explanation. So here it is.


Color Correcting Skin Tones Using "Fleshscope"

Apple Final Cut Pro: Color Correcting Skin Tones Using "Fleshscope"

Chapter: Color Correction

Topic: Skin Tone

We live in a world that is full of poorly color balanced video. We see it everywhere on television. From those cheap looking local TV commercials to the location shoots for the news programs. Even if the video was shot with a top of the line camera, poor color balance severly degrades the image. I have always found the process of color correcting video to be extremely painful. I wanted better tools, but nothing really existed that could make the job easier. This was the motivation for creating the Fleshscope which is part of the Veescope Signals Filters for Final Cut Pro. In this article, this is the tool that I want to talk about and how it can make color correction a lot easier.


Animated Handwriting in After Effects

Adobe After Effects: Animated Handwriting in After Effects

Chapter: Visual and Creative Effects

Topic: Simulation

Corey Barker demonstrates a technique for animating text using the stroke effect in After Effects.


Apple Releases Final Cut Pro 6.0.5 Update

According to Apple, Pro Applications Updates improve reliability for Apple’s professional applications and are recommended for all users of Final Cut Studio, Final Cut Server, and Logic Studio. New features in Final Cut Pro 6.0.5 include:

  • Improved high-precision rendering
  • Improved Support for Metadata Imported from P2 Cards
  • Improved Support for the Panasonic HDC-SD9 Camcorder
  • Extended Metadata Support for the Panasonic AG-HMC150 Camcorder
  • Worth special note is that Final Cut is now importing MXF data from P2 cards.

    New features in Compressor include continued work on QuickClusters and Apple QMaster.

    Note that this latest release requires QuickTime 7.5.5 or later.

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